CEO message

Welcome to the SunTech's website.


Thank you for your attention and support
to our SunTech Brand.

Since 1982, as we started to manufacture machine for sewing industries, and also started entering
sales and marketing field, we have experienced and learned transition of sewing industrial site.
On the basis of these experiences, we continuously research and develop to improve
product quality in production site so as to become the cooperative firm thoroughly prepared with technical skills,
products and services requested by our customers and their site. Consequently, those results are keep
updating in real time. We will become credible sewing machine maker site-oriented technical
skills and as there is all solution in site.
We try out best to consistently back and improve skills and process to lead change, quickly adapting any change with innovative thought. We are aim to be strong support under the working principles which are the best of improvement in quality, maximization of technical skills, systemical customer management and customer-centered value creation.

We modestly accepted your meaningful faith and support. We will continue to research and develop our products with passion and patience in order to make a return for your faith and support. We always endeavor to go forward toward globalization by cooperative firm of sewing production with value of growing together and symbiotic relationship

Thank you for your continuous trust, encouragement and support to SunTech. I wish you have a new year full of happiness and energy.

Yours truly,
CEO Youngsook Nam

SunTech Meaning
We always challenge on creative technology with burning passion like the sun.
SunTech Meaning of colors
We always do our best to accomplish superior product quality and technical skills leading to sewing industry.
We hope to be chosen by our customer through trust building.
Management policy
  • The best-oriented
    improvement of product

  • Maximization
    of technical skills and Productivity

  • Globalized Enterprise